Unusual 230 defense against virtual ownership claims

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Other possible evidence that plaintiffs didn’t present might have been about Second Life’s market share relative to its competitors before and after the “ownership” marketing campaign. In addition, plaintiffs’ “inability to …

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A Critical Look at Second Life – Part 2 “Bringing Content to People”

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But there’s so much more Linden Lab could do here. First off, a new users is tossed into the deep end in Second Life with absolutely no direction. Less so now more than ever, as it just drops a new avatar into a random sim, …

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Second Life Land and You – what does an 11.3% decline in private …

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Daniel Voyager has reported today that the total net loss in private estates in Second Life since January 1st this year is now 2689, a decline of 11.3%. The total number of Main Second Life Grid regions is now 28254 ( 21168 …

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Prim Perfect Talks at the SL Christmas Expo: Froukje Hoorenbeek of …

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Saturday, December 8th, 3pm, Auryn Beorn, Scripting & education in Second Life, Cinders Vale. 5pm, Isla … Sunday, December 9th, 3pm, Cain Maven, Meshing about in Second Life, Saffia Widdershins. 5pm, Maxwell Graf …

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First Look: Mesh Shop Nacra 17 Catamaran | Metaverse Sailing

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A click of the up or down key will give you a sail adjustment that’s totally random and far greater than you intended. You often have to toggle the keys back and forth to get the setting you ….

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A loss to the Arts in Second Life; a loss to us all: Circe Broom « Prim …

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Circe Broom, the owner and creator of the beautiful Egyptian-themed Laurel Arts Isle and a long-time supporter of the Arts in Second Life – especially music and poetry – has died. The woman behind the avatar has passed …

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Events This Week in Second Life from Dec 4 to Dec 10

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Events This Week in Second Life from Dec 4 to Dec 10. Events subject to change by hosts, and more information may come in later this week. So check again later for events this weekend. Check for more events at the Second …

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